♥ About Me ♥

With so many options out there, THANK YOU for stopping by my little piece of Blogland: Grace Upside Down.

I’ve spent nearly 50 years writing for personal enrichment, a good number of those for professional accomplishment, and 15 of them blogging.  After undergoing treatment for breast cancer, I semi-retired in April of 2016 and now spend my time doing all the things I’ve loved for years but had little time to enjoy while working full time – and my list of hobbies is long.

Currently taking courses to become a Master Food Preserver through the UCCE (UC Davis), I’m an avid foodie. I love cooking up kitchen magic for my family and friends – many times using recipes from my collection of vintage cookbooks.  I also have a small garden where I primarily grow herbs for cooking.  I’m also in the process of putting together a cookbook of my own.

My spiritual life is the foundation of my life, and my family is my heart.  You’ll find both peppered throughout my posts here.  But what I hope you’ll always find is a reason to smile, a bit of encouragement, and maybe a kindred spirit along the way.

Blessings in Abundance,


12 thoughts on “♥ About Me ♥

    • OMG, girl! i was JUST thinking about you last week or so! I am SO happy to see you! Following your new space and look forward to “hearing” about whats happening with you! Xox


  1. Hello Grace, I hope you are doing well!! There are many sites that have info on using alternative methods along with chemo with great results. Be kind and loving with yourself. You are your own best friend at this time – your family and friends (unless they’ve been through it) will not be able to comprehend the emotions that go along with the diagnosis and treatment.

    I am a thyroid cancer survivor (3 years) and I was amazed at how people were so afraid to say the wrong thing – they ended up being super brief or lost touch! I found it wasn’t that they didn’t care!

    Take it one day at a time. You will be experiencing many changes – Your time is precious and you won’t want to waste it. It’s ok to be selfish!

    Wishing you blessings of perfect health!

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    • Carol, forgive me for not replying sooner! Thank you so very much for the kind comment and congratulations on your 3 years!!! Yes, in some cases I have discovered it was the awkwardness of not knowing what to say that caused some to pull away…not all…but that is ok. I am following your advice and really listening to my Soul when it comes to making decisions. It is such a paradigm shift in lifestyle and all that Moving through this Unknown territory can only be done a day at a time, I have found. Do you blog? I was trying to find you…..xox. Thank you again.


  2. Well it looks like we have a lot in common. I’ve dealt with cancer and am also a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and an aunt. I retired 3 years ago and just want to live my life enjoying “life”. We differ in that you have a serious blog, I have a blog of fluff, but I enjoy it and hope I can continue with my fluff stuff and make a few people smile along the way.♥♥♥♥

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    • Oh we do have a lot in common! I also live in California, here in Orange County. :-) (was just peeking around your blog). Trust me. This blog has been around since 2007, and I have posted LOTS of fluff! I love fluff! Haha. Some seasons in life just seem to have a little less of it. Thank you so much for the comment I look forward to reading you!

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  3. Hi Grace! I stopped by your blog particularly because of your name. This name is very special to me and there’s a story behind it but for now let’s just say, I had found my destiny mother, in America and she called me Grace with her middle & last name. She passed away last year. I never got the chance to meet her but this name is one of most precious thing she left me with other than her teachings of life and unconditional love.
    So because of that I opened your blog & couldn’t stop myself from reading. You write beautifully & from heart. Thank you. Would love to follow you along here. (Sorry for such long message) 💜

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